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Armored Vehicles:

What armored vehicles defend the borders of the many countries of the world? Find out what each one has in its arsenal...List by Country

Is there a specific vehicle you are looking to find out more about. Click here to browse by name... List by Model


AFVID 101:

For the novice many vehicles look the same. Some confuse tanks with armored personnel carriers as well as artillery pieces. Here is a tutorial to help teach some of the basics to identifying armored fighting vehicles.


I have a new look to the test. It is a java based applet. Check it out and let me know what you think. I only have one complete so far and that is test one.

Are you ready to test your knowledge? Here are 10 common vehicles...its multiple choice but don't let that fool you. It's tougher than it looks!

Mystery Vehicle:

What about those not so common vehicles? Every three months a new mystery vehicle will be displayed here. Fill in your guess and you could find yourself as the the top "TANKER" of the quarter. Do you have what it takes?


History of the Tank

Where does the modern day tank owe its roots? What was the original purpose of the tank? Does it have the same purpose today? The tank has been the most rapidly developed weapon in the entire history of warfare.
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