Vehicle Crew Evaluator Exportable Package (VCEEP)


HBCT Gunnery Evaluation


FM 3-20.31 provides a systematic way to train weapon system proficiency for armor, mechanized infantry, reconnaissance, engineers, fire support combat platform systems within the HBCT and ACR, as well as noncombat arms vehicles armed with crew served weapons. It includes an assessment of combined gunnery skills in crew gunnery tables (GT) and application in collective tactical tables. FM 3-20.31 provides basic guidance on platform system employment and crew-, section-, and platoon level tactics. In order to evaluate crews in their gunnery proficiency Master Gunners will train or recertify VCE candidates to evaluate vehicle crews on gunnery tables.

At the end of this training, you will be able to—

If you are unable to access these files you need to request access through the doctrine writers at the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, GA.


In order to complete accurate and efficient evaluations of each gunnery table, VCEs must be thoroughly trained and certified on their duties and responsibilities. This includes proficiency on all aspects of direct fire engagement and indirect fires request and use. The unit Master Gunner or Gunnery NCO/Senior Gunner is responsible for the training, testing, evaluation, certification, recertification, and sustainment of the VCEs prior to gunnery execution. Certification is initial training for VCEs. VCEs must certify within 3 months of evaluating any live-fire exercise (6 months for RC). For digitally equipped units, VCEs must be FBCB2 qualified.

Certification consists of—
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