Mike Golf's Armored VehiclesMIKE GOLF'S ARMORED VEHICLES

Republic of the Congo

T-54/T-55 MBT 
Type 59 MBT 
T-34/85 (R) 
Type 62 light tank 
PT-76 light tank 
BRDM-1 recce 
BRDM-2 recce 
Eland recce 
BTR-152 APC 
OT-62 APC 
M113 APC 
Mamba APC 
57 mm M1943 ATG 
75 mm M116 P howitzer 
76 mm M1942 FG 
85 mm Type 56 FG 
100 mm M1944 FG 
100 mm M1938 howitzer 
122 mm D-30 howitzer 
130 mm M-46 FG 
152 mm D-20 GH 
122 mm BM-21 MRS 
140 mm BM-14 MRS        
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