Vehicle Crew Evaluator Exportable Package (VCEEP)




Test Vehicle Crew Evaluators to ensure that they have been properly trained and are prepared to conduct evaluations.

Task / Conditions / Standards

Written Test

1. Administrative Procedures. (15 minutes) In a classroom environment, the proctor will give each student an examination and make sure each student has a pencil; then, the instructor will read the following instructions to the students:

This part of the final examination tests your knowledge of fire commands and crew gunnery evaluation procedures. To certify as a vehicle crew evaluator, you must answer 14 of the 20 written test items correctly. You will have 30 minutes to complete this part of the examination.

2. Personnel, Equipment, and Material.
  1. Proctors (2 per 20 students).
  2. Pencil and paper.
  3. TC 3-20.21-4 (1 per proctor).

3. Test Time (45 minutes).

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