Vehicle Crew Evaluator Exportable Package (VCEEP)


Remote Weapon Station


Train or recertify VCE candidates to evaluate truck crews on gunnery tables. The Battalion Master Gunner or a representative will teach the course through the use of the PowerPoint slides provided. Given that the scoresheets have drastically changed from those currently in use, practical exercises are provided to test each of the candidates in their ability to time, score, and determine crew cuts for each of the tasks. There are a mixture of audio and video clips for each of the practical exercises. Written quizzes are provided to allow the candidates the chance to practice for the written exam. Each candidate must pass the written and scoring exam in order to become a qualified VCE. The final step is AAR process which is subjective and the instructor will determine a pass/fail for each of the candidates.

Task / Conditions / Standards

Task. On a gunnery table, evaluate standard fire commands, crew responses to the fire commands, crew duties, and fire commands for degraded-mode gunnery situations.

Conditions. In a classroom environment, given TC 3-20.21-4, students will be presented the elements of a fire command, crew responses to the fire command, crew duties for tank crews, and fire commands for degraded-mode gunnery situations.

Standards. Determine the -
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